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Amelia Gray: The new star of the fashion world

Milan Đačić

Model and TV star Amelia Gray and our Editor-in-chief Milan Đačić spent a day together on the cover shoot in Paris and talked about healthy and unhealthy habits, how to get rid of stress, whether it is even possible and how favorite movies can help

There are many cities that I love, but Paris holds a special place. I don’t know if it’s because I really love it sincerely or because frequent trips have taught me to love it because every time I discover something new, turn into a street that delights me, or run into a person who does. Whatever it is, Paris is very important on my map, and in it, Wild & the Moon turns out to be an almost sacred place that I pay homage to without exception. A healthy breakfast with seasonal fruits and vegetables, great combinations like pear and cardamom, or maybe even a personal favourite – organic juices. A small, special place for all lovers of vegan cuisine, which I do not bypass even during the shortest visits. However, for this shoot in the early hours of the morning, I arrived directly on location at the Chateau and right before the start, which was so early that stopping by Wild & the Moon was mission impossible. I was sitting, an hour and a half from Paris in the Chateau in the early morning, not in the best mood since I hadn’t started the day with any of the daily routines I love, when Amelia walked in carrying a bag full of Wild & the Moon juices. “Do you have Better than Botox?” I said enthusiastically. She smiled and handed me the bottle, and I knew right away that was going to be a great day. When I manage to agree on a few important things with someone right at the beginning, and that without prior agreement or any acquaintance, I know that it will be the same in the further conversation. She also agreed and concluded that it didn’t seem like a work day at all, but rather a chill day at the pool with a team that was more than great. The only thing we lacked for a good start was the music. “Do you have any special wishes?” I asked her. “Of course. The whole album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’! I’m probably one of Lana del Rey’s biggest fans.” I pressed play and the day could begin.

Dress, Dolce&Gabbana.

In the world of fashion, where competition is fierce and trends change day by day, rare are those who manage to stand out and take their place under the spotlight, while remaining relatively unencumbered by everything that life brings. The world of fashion seems like something is happening non-stop and that new people are constantly appearing in the industry, and that is true in a certain sense. However, not everyone manages to keep the focus for long, nor to keep their success running, since it is really necessary to have that “it” factor. It’s not easy to define what it is, but it’s easy to recognize when you see it. Let’s just say it looks just like the flexibility and professionalism of Amelia to remain as dedicated and focused on the shoot despite the constant changes in the weather. From a July morning to a September afternoon, only a few hours passed, but Amelia didn’t seem to notice, and it became very clear to me how she has already established herself as a future icon of the fashion world, which is further explained by the fact that this is already her fourth cover for “Vogue”. I couldn’t help commenting on that, even though I believed she was well aware and kept track of them. She seemed more surprised by her own success than I was. “Wow, that’s crazy! I haven’t realized that at all until now. My fourth Vogue cover! Thank you very much for that.”

Pamučna majica, Loewe.
Rublje, Candice Faucho
Shirt, Loewe. Underwear, Candice Faucho
Kožni top i jeans,
oboje Alaïa.
Balerinke, Chanel
Top and jeans, Alaïa. Ballet flats, Chanel.

Amelia Gray was born in Los Angeles, and there was no doubt that she is an authentic California girl, even if you only saw her in passing. She is bright, vivacious, carefree, quick and when asked what she learned in modeling that means the most to her in life, she answers quickly and enthusiastically, without too much complication: “That it is important to be kind. And have fun!” She grew up in a family that has always been closely connected with art and fashion. Her father, the renowned actor Harry Hamlin, and her mother, the well-known model Lisa Rinna, introduced her to the world of show business from a young age. What was on my mind the whole time we talked, was how amazing it is that someone can remain so humble, considering that she grew up under the spotlight of the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. What’s more, she kept disproving my preconceived assumptions by remaining simple, humble and down to earth throughout the day. “It’s actually quite ordinary, I don’t even know about anything else!” Naturally, even though it seems doors would be open to her everywhere, as she was famous before she actually was, Amelia still wanted to fight for her place and didn’t just rely on the family name. She started her modeling career when she was only 16 years old, and her first significant engagement was for the famous brand Alexander Wang. Her natural beauty, distinctive style and confidence on the runway immediately attracted the attention of numerous designers. Engagements for Givenchy, Balmain and Versace soon followed, securing her place among the most sought-after models today.

Kupaći kostim i remen, Chanel.
Swimsuit and belt, Chanel.
Body i suknja od
finog pletiva,
kožni remen, sve Alaïa
Lijevo: Pamučna
majica, Loewe.Rublje,
Candice Faucho
Body, skirt, leather belt, Alaïa.

Both on and off the runway, her style is what is always commented on and remembered. Always elegant, but with a touch of boldness, she is not afraid to experiment with different fashion directions. Whether it’s the red carpet, catwalk or everyday street style, Amelia always makes an impression. Her fashion combinations often become viral on social networks, where she is followed by a large number of fans who are inspired by her wardrobe choices. Yet, it always seemed to me that there has been a special place for jeans. We agreed that we both adore her campaign for FRAME. “I like baggy boyfriend jeans the most. I feel best in baggy jeans. Of course, sometimes I wear tights, but it all depends on my mood.” Amelia is sure that the secret to looking good in jeans is only one thing – confidence. “Jeans must be worn with pride!”

The recent Met Gala, as the most important fashion event of the year, was also a special moment for Amelia since she attended it for the first time. “I felt like I was dreaming. It was so surreal. It still seems unreal to me. The night was beautiful, the people were fantastic. It was incredibly fun to watch everyone dress up and enjoy fashion together. The exhibition was wonderful. I am so grateful.” Amelia wore a sensational dress by Jun Takahashi, which made a big impression on everyone, although I’m not sure how comfortable she was, a fan of baggy jeans, but she looked absolutely stunning. “That whole dress experience is what made my first Met Gala experience absolutely gala. It was perfect in its own way. I loved that I was wearing a real piece of art for my first Met.”

Like the Met Gala, all fashion weeks are endlessly fun and exciting, but anyone who works in the industry knows that they can also be extremely exhausting. Amelia deals with these challenges in her own way. “Even though it doesn’t seem like it, I’m basically a big introvert. I save my energy and surround myself with good people. Support is very important. Also, I’m very lucky to have my mom with me a lot of the time! She is so much fun to be with when I need a break. But I think the most important thing is that I love what I do, and exhaustion is an integral part of the job. Also, the good thing is that the same girls are there every season. We become a family. We’re together, and it’s fun.” And what has been the biggest challenge of her job so far? “I had to deal with a lot of rejection and learn not to be hurt by ‘no’.” We all have to learn that, but it’s definitely the hardest. In retrospect, it has made me much stronger, and I believe a better person. It’s important not to take things too personally or take yourself too seriously. Whenever I am faced with a challenge, I am interested in seeing how I will overcome it. The best things in life don’t come easy anyway.”

Shirt and skirt, Givenchy.

If she could always start the day the same way how would it be? “I’m not strict about exercise when I’m on the road, but it really affects my mental health.” I recently got back into it and it’s the best way to start my day. If I don’t have time for a full workout, just a little movement in the morning is important for a good start to the day. I also like to meditate… I’m from LA after all.” And Matcha? I asked her while she was making one during her break. “Always! Matcha with oat milk and vanilla is something I would never give up. I can’t drink coffee, it makes me really sick, I don’t like it. It’s quite difficult considering how much time I spend in Europe. And as you can see, I had to improvise and carry my Matcha with me. However, I also found some good places with Matcha in Paris!”

Top and shorts, Schiaparelli.Ballet flats, Chanel.

Considering how demanding her work can be, I was interested in how she relaxes and what she does to stay composed and focused. “I take a bath!” Sleep! And I eat!” Food is extremely important to her, and somehow she manages to balance a healthy diet, but still indulge herself. Personally, I think that it is important to listen to your body. Amelia nods and smiles. “Right on! When my body wants something, I give it to it. I try to eat as healthy as possible and stay strong. This job requires a lot of strength. It is important to be healthy so that I can do what I love. I eat a lot of protein, but I also like sweets. I love bread and it is my biggest vice. Carbs are everything to me. I love pasta with truffles or even simpler, just with butter and lots of parmesan. I love pizza and I love cakes. But, balance is the key!” In addition to relaxing in simple and quick ways, she also reveals that she sometimes likes to disappear down the binge road by watching different series. “It rarely happens, but when it does, I let myself immerse completely into some world. Like when I watch ‘Below Deck’ or ‘Catfish’. I like to watch something light and fun, relaxing. It’s the same with movies. I need a distraction and I’ve seen ‘Ratatouille’ recently, but I also love romantic comedies, Julia Roberts and Wes Anderson movies.”

When on the runway, Amelia often talks about her alter ego. “I have Amelia and Camelia. I think Camelia comes in many different forms, like a chameleon. Hence her name. She’s different for every show. She’s a different character every time, depending on the look.” Which Camelia is her favorite, which show does she consider legendary? “Undoubtedly the Balenciaga mud show. It’s probably the craziest show I’ve ever done. Walking through the mud in an extremely heavy wedding dress that got heavier as the mud covered it. It was one of my first fashion shows. If I was able to do that, I can do anything!” I absolutely agree.



Model: AMELIA GRAY @ The Lions

Makeup: SATOKO WATANABE @ Artlist Paris using LE PURE

Hair: PAWEŁ SOLIS @ Artlist Paris

Manicure: ANATOLE RAINEY @ Premier Hair and Makeup



Photo assistant: PETER KEYSER

Assistant Stylist: EVELYNE KOUCH

Production assistants: ADANA CHAFRI, LOUIS JALLAIS

Location: LA MINOTTE