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Vogue Adria Launch Event: A spectacular night with a lot of glamour and a touch of emotion

Vogue Adria

March 10, 2024

Adria occupies a unique position at the crossroads of profound emotions, meetings, farewells, conflicts, and love. It stands as an exotic moment and location within European history and geography. Now, we’re finally presented with a unique edition of Vogue  that feels both exotic and familiar to all – Vogue Adria.

The launch gala of Vogue Adria took place in Hall I, the landmark of cultural heritage in Belgrade. This grand edifice, dating back to the late ’50s, opened its doors to guests from both the region and the wider world, welcoming them to a carefully planned gala evening.

The festivities kicked off with guests making their entrance into the grand Hall I, striding down the Vogue Adria red carpet. You can catch those first moments of the event here. After the welcome drinks and cocktail mingling, the dramatic descent of a light curtain, underscored by the sound of a massive metal gong, heralded the start of an event signifying a new era for Vogue.

The grand hall, now dimmed, tables arranged in a circular spiral, under the glow of candles, set the stage for a journey through history across the entire Adria region. The journey began with a video projection on the dome ceiling, alternating scenes from everyday life with those that marked significant historical moments, like the lighting of the torch at the Universiade, traditional costumes, and modernity… These scenes showcased the richness and diversity of the Adria region. The highlight of the gala evening was undoubtedly the concert that followed; a performance of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, a secular cantata for singers and choirs performed together with instruments and magical imagery. And that’s precisely what we witnessed. The venue, the guests, and the concert together conjured up a spellbinding vision, ushering in an era of magical realism. O Fortuna, performed by the Zrenjanin Philharmonic Orchestra and choir, left everyone breathless. Uplifting messages echoed under the largest dome in the world constructed by prestressed concrete, while a wave of excitement swept through the concrete hall.

Then came the dinner, a culinary adventure through the Adria region, with a carefully crafted plant-based menu. Each dish was a tribute to the beautiful landscapes that have shaped the region’s gastronomic heritage. This slightly exotic yet simultaneously familiar menu was crafted by Vanja Puškar. The space was filled with the sounds of Karatina Ranković on piano, as the guests enjoyed their courses, playing songs that have left their mark on the region: like Bella Ciao, Ederlezi, and even Rade Šerbedžija reciting verses by Tin Ujević, his Everyday Lamentations. All these works in some way describe and unify the region’s sentiments, leaving no one indifferent.

During the evening, Nenad Janjatović, the publisher behind the Vogue Adria brand, delivered a speech that was anything but typical. Elegantly, measuredly, and yet emotionally, Nenad shared the story of Vogue Adria’s inception, the challenges faced, and the vision that was ultimately realized: The journey from the idea’s inception many years ago to this evening was anything but conventional. Each step we took broke norms, defied traditional business models, and challenged existing frameworks. But this isn’t just a business project; it’s a project born out of love and passion, things that know no bounds. We’ve poured our hearts, thoughts, creativity into every page, image, and word. Vogue Adria is a product of love, not a business endeavor. Love for this place we call home and for the people who live here, with the hope of offering something they truly do deserve. (…)

Tonight marks a NEW DAWN, a new chapter for our region. My only wish is that all the beauty we offer finds its way to the world and puts us back on the map where we belong. I’m deeply grateful to our team, everyone who believed in us, partners who supported us, making the first issue of Vogue Adria a record-breaking advertising success in the publishing industry of this region. This magazine is yours, proof of our collective desire to make this project something by which our region will be recognized worldwide.

And so, I conclude my story, repeating what I often tell people – “If you can’t be first, be the best. If you can’t be the best, be first.” I promise we will strive to be both at the same time. Here’s to Vogue Adria!

As the final course was served and another rendition of O Fortuna played, the curtain fell on the gala dinner that marked the launch of Vogue Adria, heralding a thrilling new chapter.

Photo: Monika Pavlović