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Second issue of Vogue Adria is here

Vogue Adria

April 12, 2024

Our second issue is here! This month, Vogue Adria focuses on what’s coming next and who are the voices that will give new directions and shape the future. With its cover featuring rising fashion star Malika Louback-Mohamed, shot by Vitali Gelwich, the April issue of Vogue Adria proves its focus on youth culture and the hope that comes with young voices by celebrating their talent, power, and uniqueness. Raiven, Baby Lasagna, Teya Dora, Pretty Loud, Skrabzi, Filip Ćustić, Amina Pilav, Nađa Petrović, Hazim Hadžić, Monika Herceg, and many more featured in this issue prove that regional talents flourish. Youth is not only about age, but also about the ability to constantly wonder, remain interested, open, and curious towards the world and ourselves, and manage to shift perspectives everywhere. Our April issue is an open invitation to that.

Available online, and all over the region from 14th April.


Model @malikalouback

Photographer @vitali_gelwich

Styling @lisajarvis_stylist

Creative producer @felixcadieu @neighborsbrooklyn

Makeup @lucianochiarello @julianwatsonagency

Hair @deki_kazue_hair @callisteagency @hairbyhyacintha

Producer on set @kevdre @neighborsbrooklyn

Retouch @onehundredberlin

Photo assistants @patrickzoellig @l3osophi3 @muthig

Stylist’s coordinator: Annina

Production assistant @tala.barbotinkhalidy

Shot at @lacenstudio for Vogue Adria, April 2024