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The third edition of Vogue Adria is out

Vogue Adria

May 16, 2024

The third edition of Vogue Adria is now available. This month, we are thrilled to showcase top model Abby Champion, captured through the lens of photographer Thomas Giddins. The issue celebrates the beauty of diversity with stories that inspire through people, themes, and phenomena. Discover an exclusive feature on this year’s Met Gala theme, where Andrew Bolton, the curator of the Metropolitan Museum, unveils the secrets behind the restoration of historic pieces using groundbreaking technologies. He shares a behind-the-scenes look at the detailed work that transforms textile artifacts into breathtaking exhibits.

This edition also includes an intimate conversation with Ivana Španović. She opens up about her personal definition of authentic beauty and her efforts to challenge sports-related prejudices, offering encouragement to those striving for excellence.

Our visit to Mauro Masserotto in sunny Madrid provides a glimpse into the life of this exceptional designer. A tour through his art-filled apartment offers insights into his passion for art and design, accompanied by photos that capture the warmth of his living space.

Additionally, we feature an exclusive interview with Michelangelo Pistoletto, a prominent contemporary artist. We discuss his recent exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art and delve into his creative process and the themes he explores. Our exploration of nightlife includes conversations with some of today’s leading DJs—Sita Abellan, Bashkka, Brina Knauss, Mimi, and Maja—who share their perspectives on the evolving party scene, its challenges, and the memorable nights that define it.

In the May issue, you will also find our coverage of the Venice Biennale’s pre-opening, offering an exclusive preview of what visitors can expect at this prestigious event. From must-see installations to pieces that might fall short of expectations, Vogue Adria navigates the complex labyrinth of artistic expression.

Jordan Cvetanović contributes a compelling article about the documentary film ‘Topli film,’ which explores LGBTQIA+ themes in Yugoslav cinematography, highlighting the importance of freedom and love in contemporary culture and challenging societal prejudices.

Furthermore, artist Fannie Sosa discusses the misconceptions surrounding twerk, advocating for its recognition as an expression of freedom and spirituality. Anđela Vidović, a theater critic, delves into why we love to hate certain aspects of popular culture, examining our secret enjoyment of what we publicly criticize. From the ‘Euphoria’ series to other cultural phenomena, her insights provoke thought about our collective identity.

All these topics and more await you in the latest edition of Vogue Adria, a rich mosaic of art, culture, fashion, beauty, and current social issues. Vogue Adria is available online and at all print outlets throughout the region.