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Photo: CPHFW Press

The new outfit of the eternal denim: 5 jeans trends we are wearing this spring

Tina Lončar

February 25, 2024

Since it crept into our wardrobes many decades ago, jeans have held the title of favorite casual uniform. Jeans dress us up every time we don’t know what to do with styling, but also when we do, giving every look a touch of ease. They make the perfect base for upgrades, and a canvas for fashion houses to make them more exciting season after season.

However, although we consider jeans everyday, “frivolous” and too casual to make more formal outfits or more glamorous evening editions, unencumbered jeans also walked on the haute couture runways reserved for decadent creations that attract the eye. The Parisian Chateau de Chantilly became a witness of a new era when Kaia Garber stepped on the runway of the Italian house Valentino in a look that at first glance looked completely ordinary, consisting of an unbuttoned white shirt and jeans. Of course, the pants only recreated the impression of simple straight-cut jeans with their silhouette and color, but in reality they were made of silk and meticulously embroidered with thousands of glass beads. Despite the fact that in the couture collection for autumn/winter 2023 Kaia was not wearing real, “working” jeans, but only something similar, it was a moment that marked a turning point. And in the collections for the upcoming warm season, fashion houses took a breather by exploring the incredible versatility of denim, and it once again became an inexhaustible inspiration and a basis for adding a note of excitement to something familiar and everyday.

Schiaparelli spring 2024
Schiaparelli Spring 2024, Photo: GoRunway
Stella McCartney spring 2024
Stella McCartney, Spring 2024
Loewe spring
Loewe Spring 2024

Washed gray denim

Although it is impossible to dethrone the classic blue denim, which has long enthroned as part of the daily uniform, this spring the washed-out shades of gray seriously threaten it. Relaxed silhouettes come packed with a cool grunge touch, and in the Spring/Summer 2024 collections. they walked the runways in countless variations, from the super tall model of Loewe, to the oversized set served by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior, to Diesel, who presented the gray denim trend in his recognizable psychedelic aesthetic.

Super oversized , super baggy

Since skinny jeans lost the battle on the whimsical roads of trends, jeans models from season to season have questioned the boundaries with the question: how far (or wide) can oversized go? In the spring/summer 2024 collections fashion houses took a breather by presenting us models who sway around their legs looking like they are a few sizes too big. Although Schiaparelli’s spring fashion vision exuded glamour, baggy jeans also found a place on the runway, and they were worn low on the hips at the Sabat de Sarna show for Gucci. Although the first association with baggy jeans is probably neither glamor nor elegance, spring trends intend to change that perception.

Casual, but with a touch of elegance

Until recently, without much questioning, we looked at jeans only as part of our everyday, casual wardrobe. Denim has always been synonymous with casual. Unwritten rules excluded him from the domain of formal dress, and the elegant evening dress code completely forbade access to denim. But times have changed. An evening dress made of large fluttering frills walked down the catwalk of fashion house Moschino, and jeans creations that pretend to slip into eveningwear with impunity were also presented by Marques Almeida and Altuzarra.

Short, shorter, the shortest

Ever since the controversial “pantless” trend took hold, fashion houses have seriously devoted themselves to extremely short pants models. Although jorts are not new, and every year they provocatively washed onto the streets during hot summer days, this warm season, it seems, will be shorter than ever. Judging by the runways, they will be counterbalanced by the jackets and shirts with which we will pair them, as suggested by Alexander McQueen’s runway look. Especially if it is a chic combination of denim on denim .

Trapeze, but not subtle

All those who have come to terms with the capitulation of skinny jeans, but cannot find themselves in the baggy, oversized trend, can still breathe a sigh of relief. A touch of nostalgia entered the big doors with the return of the trapeze, and this spring it will not be subtle at all. High-waisted jeans that dramatically widen in the trapezoid hem remind us of the beginning of the millennium when we sewed a “small” addition of denim to trapeze pants at the tailor’s, and this warm season they will fill the hangers of our favorite brands such as Frame.