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Photo: Acielle/Style Du Monde
Street Style

Six Easy Ways How
to style a blazer this spring

The "good old" blazer is an item of clothing that never goes out of style. Although it carries within itself the DNA of formality and even masculinity, it is a piece that we can without a doubt consider a real fashion chameleon.

Tina Lončar

February 20, 2024

Versatile and incredibly adaptable, the jacket can be combined in countless ways and worn on just as many occasions.

Depending on the rest of the clothes and fashion accessories with which we pair it, the final impression we can achieve with it varies from elegant and chic, through classic and formal to sporty and casual. Street style photos from the eclectic and always inspiring Copenhagen are proof that the blazer is like a painter’s canvas that is just waiting for the rest of the combination to breathe a touch of creativity and imagination into it. Inspired by its incredible versatility, we have singled out 6 outfits that can serve as a stylish staple this spring when inspiration suddenly disappears in front of the closet. We know what it’s like.


Tonal or monochromatic clothing always radiates a special dose of charm, and when the suit is paired with a coat or raincoat in a similar shade, the final impression is completely chic. A blazer cinched in at the waist with a belt, trousers with a casual wide cut and a long leather coat is a stylish recipe that will look good every spring.

Photo: Acielle/Style Du Monde


A blazer combined with a corset is not an unprecedented stylistic innovation, but there is always something strangely attractive about this interesting maneuver. This appeal is probably hidden in the juxtaposition of garments that seem a bit strict and masculine, like a blazer, with a corset that is a symbol of femininity, but what is certain is that this unexpected fashion couple will never go unnoticed.

Photo: Acielle/Style Du Monde


One of the trends that we wholeheartedly borrowed from the beginning of the millennium is certainly the combination of pants and skirts. Fortunately, we took a few lessons from the eclectic Y2K era, so the trend is back in a slightly more refined version. A combination of trousers, a skirt and a blazer cinched in at the waist, from head to toe in black, is the safest way to make the styling look coordinated, despite the slight twist.

Photo: Acielle/Style Du Monde


“What would my mother wear to work in the 90s?” is an ideal question if you want to recreate an office retro classic. The recipe is simple. High-waisted wide leg trousers, a belt with a striking buckle, a classic “office” shirt and a black blazer. For a touch of unexpected chic there are, of course, black leather gloves.

Acielle/Style Du Monde


Although still very controversial, the pantless trend continues to burn and burn on the streets of fashion metropolises. Borrowed from the fifties (and the revival it experienced with the aerobic madness of the eighties), it has returned to us in a new edition, especially thanks to the Miu Miu model with embroidered sequins. If you’re feeling brave enough, pair them with colored pantyhose (another big trend) and a blazer, and if you play with colors and layers, it goes without saying that the final result will be striking.

Photo: Acielle/Style Du Monde


Although it was impossible to imagine elegant and formal clothes paired with sneakers until a few years ago, today it is a combination that we could call a “new classic”. If you want to take your styling to a new level, pair an oversized blazer with a skirt with an interesting texture in the same color, and give it a touch of casualness with sneakers and a hat. This styling is also great if you want to transform it into something more elegant in the evening. All you need to do is take off your cap and replace your sneakers with trainers.

Photo: Acielle/Style Du Monde