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Photo: Phil Oh
Street Style

Maybe New York loves its caps, but Paris knows how to pull off a hat

by Tina Lončar

March 1, 2024

The first association that springs to mind when someone mentions Paris is almost always the beret, a charming accessory that has long crept into our subconscious as a synonym for Parisian chic and the enchanting style worn by girls wandering the City of Light – with a croissant in one hand and newspapers in the other.

However, even though Paris has never officially renounced the beret, it’s actually just a stereotype based on a narrative that we’ve repeated countless times, so much so that we can vividly visualize it. Whatever it wears, Paris always breathes in the rhythm of fashion, especially evident during fashion week when the entire city shifts into high gear, trying to keep up with its hectic schedule. Unlike New York , which has wholeheartedly embraced the ever-casual caps, thus “softening” the impression of its style choices, Paris didn’t play it safe this February. The streets in the early days of the week were flooded with decadent, sometimes oversized creations on the heads of visitors, countless versions of fur hats, leather hats adorned with straps… And, of course, the occasional beret, as a reminder. Because, after all, what would Paris be without its hats?