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Photo: Phil Oh
Street Style

Welcome to Paris, a city where eccentricity and minimalism live in harmony

by Tina Lončar

February 29, 2024

After Milan Fashion Week came to its conclusion, the fashion elite traditionally moved to Paris – the capital of fashion, the City of Light, and the place where, in wonderful harmony and beauty hidden in diversity, both minimalism and eccentricity reside.

During Paris Fashion Week, fashion permeated every pore of the city, breathed life into it, and with a whole palette of stylistic expressions, colored the runways and the streets, announcing new trends. Minimalist clothing choices, devoid of details, contrasted with those on the other end of the spectrum, wrapped in an abundance of colors and patterns, layers, textures, and unusual fashion accessories that captured the attention of camera lenses. One oversized sweatshirt that caught Phil Oh’s eye read: “Who are we trying to impress?”, posing a rhetorical question to anyone who found themselves in Paris these days It seems that no one will answer it, but probably everyone knows the answer somewhere within. “Ourselves” is the response we hope resonates in the heads of most, whatever they decide to wear.