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New generations of foundations: they nourish like a serum, cover like a concealer

by Kristina Mikulić

February 27, 2024

Is there anything better than a foundation that sits on the face like silk, covers like a concealer, and nourishes the skin like a serum? I don’t think there is. Erasing the boundaries between skin care and skin decoration comes as a growing need. Especially for those busy mornings when we don’t manage to do the whole routine. The fusion of effective and nourishing ingredients with good coverage perfectly meets the needs of everyday life. Foundation with a silky texture that are enriched with skincare ingredients are a fast-growing category due to their exceptional effect, as they improve the appearance of the skin immediately and in the long term. While pigment covers imperfections, skincare ingredients nourish the skin to improve its appearance in the long term. I’m not saying that you should skip your morning routine thanks to the new generation of foundation that bring the power of serums, but if you can make it even more effective, you can. Hybrid pigmented products are excellent because they allow for a flawless complexion during and after wearing foundation.

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Foundations for a flawless complexion

Infusions of pigments and nourishing ingredients bring powerful combinations. Thus, some foundations ensure longer hydration with hyaluronic acid, while others restore balance to the skin with fermented essences that restore the skin’s microbiome. For more mature skin, it is desirable to see foundations enriched with peptides that stimulate collagen synthesis, thereby reducing the visibility of wrinkles in the long term. Ingredients that will benefit everyone are various vitamins such as vitamin C or niacinamide to even out the complexion.

Completely new routines

It was only a matter of time before the trend of a strong emphasis on the preparation routine would spill over into the cosmetic routine. But this is not just another trend. Simplifying routines is a necessity today. Powerful products with which we can also target skin problems while covering imperfections are part of a daily routine focused on defense against polluted air and harmful external influences. In addition, the compound such a cosmetic compound is very practical.

Chanel No.1 Revitalizing foundation is intended for all skin types, but mature skin especially likes it. It leaves a radiant look, but blends extremely well with the skin texture. The foundation looks extremely natural, leaving a silky feel on the skin.

SKINCARE INGREDIENTS: Chanel’s foundation from the adored and recognizable red No.1 line is enriched with red camellia oil, which is full of antioxidants. The oil successfully revitalizes the skin and restores its radiant appearance. In addition to the recognizable red camellia oil, the foundation is enriched with red algae extract that revitalizes the skin. These two botanical extracts can reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the long term.

COVERAGE: Provides buildable medium to heavy coverage.


Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Soft Radiance SPF50 Foundation is designed to look like skin, but better. The foundation gives the skin a wonderful velvety appearance with a slight shine. It is ideal for mature and dry skin.

SKINCARE INGREDIENTS: The foundation hydrates the skin extremely well thanks to the extract of snow mushroom and the addition of hyaluronic acid, and various antioxidants from plant essences are responsible for revitalization. Those who wake up very puffy in the morning will be glad to hear that the serum is enriched with caffeine. Caffeine accelerates circulation, which ultimately means that we will get rid of puffiness faster. However, what makes this foundation special is the addition of Argireline peptide, which is mistaken for botox in a bottle. Argireline, just like Botox, relaxes muscles with the aim of preventing wrinkles, and the high SPF50 factor serves as reinforcement in the prevention of wrinkles.

COVERAGE: Provides medium coverage that can be built up as needed.


Fenty Beauty Eade Drop Blurring Skin Tint is a foundation intended for the softest looking skin with a natural moisturizing glow. It is easy to apply and evens out, and is ideal for dehydrated skin or skin with a rough texture.

SKINCARE INGREDIENTS: Skin Tint is a foundation that hydrates the skin for an extremely long time thanks to the combination of three moisturizing ingredients: glycerin, urea and hyaluronic acid. They act complementary and enhance each other’s effect in increasing hydration. In addition, the foundation is enriched with amino acids that restore the skin’s radiant appearance.

COVERAGE: The foundation provides light to medium coverage with a glossy finish.

Haus Labs Triclone™ Skin Tech medium coverage foundation intended for problem skin that is prone to redness. The foundation contains over 20 skincare ingredients to soothe inflamed skin and restore its balance.

SKINCARE INGREDIENTS: Fermented arnica works in two ways. It relieves redness and restores balance to the skin. In addition to arnica, the foundation is enriched with the adored centella, which has an exceptional anti-inflammatory effect, and is also characterized by reducing redness. In addition to deep hydration, the foundation will give a good “plump” look, because it contains pure hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, which gives a stronger effect than ordinary hyaluronic acid. But what most often bothers problem skin are blemishes, so licorice extract has been added to the foundation to help even out the complexion.

COVERING POWER: The foundation provides medium coverage and blends perfectly with the skin.


Lancome TEINT MIRACLE is truly a miracle foundation. Known for its persistence and longevity even on oily skin. It is decorated with an airy texture that gives the skin an extremely soft appearance.

SKINCARE INGREDIENTS: The foundation perfectly preserves the hydration of the skin thanks to the extract of the moringa tree, which hydrates and at the same time makes the skin softer. Taint Miracle is also enriched with glycerin and hyaluronic acid, so this foundation is a real moisturizing treat for the skin.

COVERAGE: The foundation provides a light coverage that can be built up to a medium coverage to enhance the appearance of the skin.


Ilia Beauty True Skin Serum foundation is an exemplary example of combining beloved skincare ingredients with an airy foundation texture. The serum foundation makes the skin very soft even after removing the make-up. It is intended for dehydrated skin with an uneven complexion.

SKINCARE INGREDIENTS: The addition of squalane is responsible for providing extremely long-lasting skin softness. The serum foundation is also enriched with niacinamide, which will help even out the complexion, and aloe vera juice will provide long-lasting hydration. True Skin really looks like a second skin, and allantoin and jasmine extract will help soothe inflammation and redness.

COVERAGE: True Skin Serum foundation provides medium coverage that can be built up to full coverage while maintaining a natural look.