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6 eyebrow serums to stimulate growth

by Kristina Mikulić

February 27, 2024

As a victim of over-plucked brows in my teenage days, I’m very glad that the ’90s thin brow trend hasn’t made it beyond our cell phone screens. Of all the trends from social networks, I was really surprised by the attempt to bring back eyebrows from the 90s. Those thin over-plucked brows that require a person to be incredibly gorgeous with perfectly symmetrical facial features to make that brow style look good, because it’s completely impractical. It looks good on few people and requires constant care. The reality we expect from our eyebrows is not in favor of trends. In our everyday life, we all always return to the natural look of our eyebrows. Many trends from the 90s are back, but luckily eyebrows are not one of them. For all those who are still sobering up from trying this trend of thin eyebrows, I bring salvation in the form of an eyebrow serum that will speed up growth and make them thick.

How to stimulate eyebrow growth?

Eyebrows have a growth cycle like all the hair on our body. A healthy root and follicle give strong and dense eyebrows. Shape and density are primarily the result of genetics, but with certain nourishing ingredients we can encourage eyebrow growth. The ingredients that will enhance the natural potential of eyebrow density are various types of peptides, which we will discuss in more detail soon, moisturizing panthenol and many plant extracts that are powerful in strengthening hair health. Doctor Magdalena Ivić and owner of the Skinloshopy.hr blog advises to avoid serums containing prostaglandin. “Prostaglandin analogs are a common and effective ingredient in eyelash growth serums. However, their use can lead to worrying side effects such as irritation of the eye mucosa and hyperpigmentation of the skin of the eyelids. One study (PMID: 35700523., PMID: 17181451) suggests that the use of prostaglandin analogues in eyelash and eyebrow growth serums may also lead to a loss of lid fat volume and the resulting appearance of “sunken, wrinkled eyes”. These side effects are reversible and can be corrected by discontinuing prostaglandin analogues.” explains Dr. Magdalena Ivić. Although it is very effective in stimulating hair growth, it brings many unnecessary risks with it, such as irritation and redness, and since we are talking about the area around the eyes, there is no need to take risks.

The best serums for eyebrow growth

WHY WE LOVE: ABH is a brand that owes its popularity primarily to excellent eyebrow sets, so it is not surprising that they also offer a great serum for eyebrow growth. Brow Genius eyebrow serum combines excellent plant extracts with proven clinical action. The serum promotes a more lush appearance of the eyebrows thanks to the combination of the effect of red clover extract, Korean red ginseng and biotin. Together, they provide an antioxidant effect that preserves the healthy appearance of the hair and prevents breakage. The addition of panthenol softens the eyebrow hair to make it easier to shape, and castor oil protects against harmful external influences. Where to buy? Douglas branches, Sephora branches

WHY WE LOVE IT: A few years ago Benefit has decided to cement its position in the beauty world as the brand we turn to when it comes to eyebrows. I don’t think there are any eyebrow products and tools that someone could need that Benefit doesn’t offer. Hubba Brow Serum bases its action on the nourishing effect of biotin, which gives a richer look to the eyebrows, and the cassia leaf extract, that prevents premature hair aging, which can lead to hair loss. Where to buy? Douglas branches, Sephora branches