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Photo: Gianni Penati

9 of the most innovative SPF creams you should know about this spring

We reveal 9 SPF creams that combine the most innovative UV filters with moisturizing textures you'll want to wear every day.

Kristina Mikulić

February 25, 2024

Today we know that SPF sun creams are not only for preventing sunburn. They play a much more important role in our routines. They serve for prevention and protection, and thanks to innovative formulas, many creams with a protective factor do much more than that. “As much as 80 percent of the skin changes that we associate with age, are actually caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Evidence shows that using sunscreen everyday helps to slow down the skin’s aging process.” – emphasizes dermatologist and clinic owner Katja Gorenšek.


More than SPF protection

We know that the main reason to use SPF is to prevent the oxidative stress that the skin experiences when it burns under the influence of UV-B rays, but we like to have them in our routine, because they prevent the formation of wrinkles. There really is no better anti-aging treatment than the daily use of SPF. “Sun rays trigger the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin, causing wrinkles as the skin loses its elasticity, as well as the thinning of skin, making blood vessels more visible and it also causes pigmentations on the sun exposed skin. We can say that sunscreen is the best anti-aging product if we use it every day.” says dr. Gorenšek reminding us how daily SPF is investment in ourselves.

What has come with the huge popularity of skincare products is the wide range of specialized SPFs. So today it is possible to find SPF sun creams that were created only for sensitive skin with a damaged barrier or only for acne-prone skin that often struggles with dehydration. A narrow focus is a great thing, but in reality, trying to buy an SPF sun cream with such a specialized purpose often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why I’m bringing you 9 SPF face sun creams with a specific purpose that I know you’ll love to use.

The mix of skincare and SPF protection we can’t do without

Biotherm Urban UV cream with protection factor SPF 50+ it is intended for an urban lifestyle. It softens the skin, does not leave a white mark and can be applied as a base for powder.

WHAT IS INNOVATIVE: This extremely moisturizing SPF simultaneously smooths the skin and makes the barrier stronger. It combines the patented Life Plankton and, in addition to protecting the skin from UV radiation, helps defend against the harmful effects of polluted city air.

IDEAL FOR everyday use by people with dehydrated skin or damaged skin barrier.


Skintegra recently introduced the new SOLAR II SPF 50. It comes in an extremely light fluid texture that blends easily with the skin. SOLAR II has an extremely strong role in the prevention of wrinkles, because thanks to the high UVA protection, collagen will be protected for longer. It does not leave white marks and does not clog pores.

WHAT IS INNOVATIVE: One of the few SPFs that provides extremely high UVA protection. SOLAR II provides UVA PF protection of 49.1. The usual level of UVA protection, even with SPF 50, is only about 20 PF.

IDEAL FOR oily skin, because it has an extremely light fluid texture, but thanks to its high UVA protection, it is ideal for more mature skin that needs more help protecting the existing collagen. SOLAR II is actually ideal for anyone who takes wrinkle prevention seriously.


Frezyderm Velvet skin SPF 50+ is a transparent gel that leaves no white residue and makes the skin smooth to the touch. It is so light that it is confusing at first. Almost everyone I offer to try this product asks me in amazement: is it really an SPF cream? Frezyderm is one of the most unique creams with a protective factor that you won’t be able to get enough of because of the supple feeling it leaves on the skin. It provides a slight blur effect and makes pores less visible.

WHAT’S INNOVATIVE: The texture that covers the pores and makes the skin extremely soft just like velvet. It provides a matte look to the skin for up to 6 hours.

IDEAL FOR skin with large pores that we want to make less visible, and for oily and combination skin, because it mattifies it.

Afrodita MULTIACTIVE Protective Fluid SPF 30 with peptides is one of their best-selling products and for a good reason. At the same time, it protects the skin from the formation of wrinkles and makes them less visible. When applied, it leaves a feeling of moisturizing cream, does not leave a white mark and is not sticky.

WHAT’S INNOVATIVE: By combining peptides, this SPF face serum simultaneously reduces skin sensitivity and stimulates collagen synthesis. There is nothing better than an SPF that simultaneously protects collagen and stimulates the synthesis of new collagen.

IDEAL FOR more mature skin to make wrinkles less visible, because in addition to having a preventive effect, the SPF fluid contains peptides that reduce the visibility of wrinkles. It is also suitable for sensitive skin, as it comes with another type of peptide that reduces skin sensitivity.


LRP Cicaplast balm SPF 50+ is an extremely nourishing cream with a high protection factor enriched with soothing panthenol and centella extract.

WHAT’S INNOVATIVE: The combination of ingredients brings the skin an exceptional power of renewal and soothing, so the redness disappears quickly.

IDEAL FOR dry skin, skin with a severely damaged barrier as well as extremely sensitive skin, especially after mildly invasive facial treatments such as laser treatment, exfoliation or dermapen.


Medik8 Advanced Day Ultimate Protect™ SPF 50+ was created for strong daily defense against harmful UV radiation. It has an extremely moisturizing and light texture that easily absorbs into the skin without leaving white marks.

WHAT’S INNOVATIVE: Medik8 SPF comes with an innovative photolyase enzyme that can repair DNA damage caused by UV light.

IDEAL FOR all skin types, especially for people with skin sensitive to the sun.

Eucerin HydroProtect Fluid SPF 50+ is an extremely moisturizing protective fluid with a wide spectrum of protection. It leaves a slight glow on the skin and is easily absorbed without leaving white marks.

WHAT’S INNOVATIVE: Special ingredients have been added to the fluid to neutralize free radicals and glycyrrhetinic acid, which helps support the skin’s own DNA repair mechanisms.

IDEAL FOR extremely oily and dehydrated skin prone to clogged pores, as it comes in an extremely light texture.


Vichy Capital Soleil UV AGE SPF 50+ fluid is a much-loved SPF because of its light texture. It comes in handy as a moisturizing base for powder, and the addition of skin-regenerating peptides will help in defense. The fluid is also enriched with 4 % niacinamide to prevent sun spots.

WHAT’S INNOVATIVE: NETLOCK technology of dissolving and spreading the filter helps this SPF to have a texture as light as water, while at the same time creating a uniform protective “net” on the face.

IDEAL FOR more mature skin and for oily skin, and for skin that is prone to hyperpigmentation spots.


Miss Alice never ceases to amaze me with interesting compounds in its products. So in the latest MINISTRY OF DEFENSE SPF 50+ we come across ingredients that fight against redness, while the cream simultaneously provides a mild “botox” effect. It gives the skin a natural glow and intensively moisturizes.

WHAT IS INNOVATIVE: A combination of centela and acetyl hexapeptide-8, a peptide they claim is botox in the bottle (because it binds to the same receptors as botox). The addition of centella will help prevent redness and moisturize the skin at the same time.

IDEAL FOR mature and sensitive skin that is prone to redness.