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Photo: Phil Oh
Street Style

Matching sets - a trend loved by the streets from New York to Copenhagen

Tina Lončar

February 27, 2024

Matching sets, or as the older generations from our area liked to call them – “sets”, have sovereignly ruled the whimsical roads of trends for some time, and the fashion clique faithfully wears them from New York to Copenhagen – seasoned with imagination and in a whole range of styles.

Of course, “sets” eventually got a much more sophisticated name such as “co-ords”, but no matter what you call them, they have one thing in common, they are clothing items (in two or more parts) which match in color, material and texture and are intended to be paired in one combination. Although the sets may at first seem to create a sense of uniformity with a touch of (boring) formality, street style from fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London and Copenhagen has proven that “set” clothing perfectly compliments a variety of styles, from minimalist to sophisticated with a touch of business seriousness, and everything eclectic in which the set serves as a base for upgrading with colors, prints and fun fashion accessories. Also, ensembles are no longer just the strict, carefully ironed grayish pencil skirts and waisted blazers that our mothers once wore in the office. Although the aforementioned office look, on the wings of the vintage revival, has returned in style, the fashion team today experiments much more freely with sets, dressing from head to toe in striking patterns, interesting textures and not so shy colors. And it looks so good!

Photo: CPHFW Press

Scroll and discover how the sets are styled by trendsetters in Milan, New York and London.