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To lofty artistic expectations, this artist replies with "I'm just doing my job" exhibition

Artist Isidora Branković poses provocative questions about the varied, imposed expectations on artists.

Tena Razumović Žmara

March 3, 2024

Isidora Branković is a young artist, but with extensive experience reflected in her quite intriguing works. Her latest exhibition, which you can currently view at the U 10 gallery in Belgrade, addresses the question, “What do artists actually do?” or perhaps more accurately, “What does the process of artists look like?”

The exhibition “I’m Just Doing My Job” challenges the big, enormous expectations of artists, or as the exhibition’s curator Jovana Trifuljesko aptly stated in the text: “As a legacy that postmodernism has not managed to extinguish entirely, artists are expected to provoke a certain social intrigue and demonstrate intelligence that will mystify their process, without completely overshadowing it. Alongside this construct, there exists a system that does not offer artists the possibility to solely focus on their art.”

Art is the scent of fresh meat and the suppression of elitism

Isidora expresses herself through performance, video art, photography, painting, and installation. Her art explores moral boundaries. She believes that rawness, taboos, and a high libido define her work. In her creative process, she starts with marginalized groups in society, which she considers the most honest and broadest field of exploration. Her goal is to break down the barrier between the audience and art, exploring social boundaries – hers, yours, and ours. Through irony, she portrays the state of consciousness in contemporary society. Such are her works at this exhibition, supported by statements about the works “Love me to the end” and “The cry of the extras”: “Everyone look at me, so I can play the great artist.”

A visionary of the future


From the exhibition, I would also single out the work “Perspective” for which, when we asked her to explain, she gave a short but powerful artist statement – “Bread and love.”

Isidora Branković provokes the audience just as art should. She does her job very well.

The warm water of utopianism