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Peter Levy

These 6 hand creams will not leave a white mark on clothes

by Kristina Mikulić

February 27, 2024

When a friend recently asked me to help her find a hand cream that wouldn’t leave a white mark on black pants, I was slightly taken aback. I didn’t even know this was a problem that existed. For her, as a person who has to wear a dark suit every day, hand creams are a problem that is difficult to avoid. Almost every cream leaves a mark around her pockets or on her jacket. Then I threw myself into testing. I took all my hand creams that I had at the time, massaged them as I would normally, waited a bit for them to be absorbed and patted them on my black pants. A really large amount of hand cream, even after I felt the cream was absorbed, left a white residue. Then came the second part of the mission – how to find a cream that does not leave a white mark. Since the day my friend pointed out this problem to me, I’ve been testing every hand cream I come across on my black pants.

What hand cream formulations are we looking for?

The formulation of a hand cream that will not leave a white mark should be very light, and this characteristic is usually described on the packaging as a fast-absorbing cream. Those extremely nourishing and fatty creams are excellent for the bedside table as a long-term treatment before bed, but for a busy daily routine, they will leave a white and greasy mark everywhere. So, for example, if we see in the description of the action how the cream nourishes extremely deeply, it is most likely a cream with a greasy texture, so we will leave it for the evening routine. It is desirable that the hand cream that travels everywhere with us has a light and non-greasy texture, because who has time to wait for the cream to be absorbed.

Chanel La Crème Main hand cream with an award-winning packaging design, it is one of the most popular hand creams. It is characterized by its action where it is absorbed quickly and leaves the skin extremely soft thanks to panthenol. The gentle texture, which is enriched with licorice extract to lighten the skin, melts quickly under the skin. It comes with a light and refined fragrance that turns every experience of applying this hand cream into a mini spa treatment.

Rituals Recovery Hand Balm Ritual of Mehr is a moisturizing hand cream with an extremely fun scent that lifts the mood. Although the word balm is in its name, the cream is absorbed very quickly. What remains on the skin is a feeling of nourishment and instant softness. The cream is enriched with bioflavonoids that restore elasticity and prevent signs of aging.

Biotherm Biomains Age Delaying hand cream it is ideal for those who, in addition to dry hands, also have problems with weak nails. The cream with a silky texture restores the lipid layer that is missing to dry skin, and also strengthens the nails. It is enriched with algae extracts that make the skin extremely smooth. The cream is special because it also provides UV protection and is easily absorbed.

Afrodita Grapes hand cream with the wonderful scent of grapes, it protects hands from signs of aging. It is enriched with vitamin C to prevent spots and panthenol that deeply hydrates. Thanks to its light and silky texture, the cream is quickly absorbed, leaving a very soft feeling.

Nivea 3in1 Anti-Age hand cream it is enriched with the popular Q10 coenzyme to provide an active fight against the first signs of aging. It comes in an extremely moisturizing texture that leaves the skin feeling very supple, and the addition of a UV filter without white marks makes this hand cream ideal for every day. It will help dry skin that lacks elasticity.

Grown Alchemist Shooting hand cream comes in a refreshing non-greasy texture. It soothes irritated skin extremely well and provides a bioactive effect thanks to powerful plant essences. Cactus flower extract strengthens the protective layer, and the addition of cedar wood soothes the skin. The cream hydrates the skin for a very long time and leaves neither white nor greasy residue.