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This spring, the most seductive note is - cherries

by Kristina Mikulić

February 27, 2024

Looks like we’ve entered the cherry era. In the spring/summer 2024 show, Gucci presented a new dark red shade that dominated their show, the cherry cola trend suddenly found itself on many lips, as a note of cherry enriched the interpretations of popular perfumes this spring.

Is there anything more seductive than a cherry scent? So playful and juicy, the note of cherry can be introduced in many ways. Especially in spring when everything calls for lightness. This spring, the perfumers of various companies apparently agree with this philosophy, because suddenly I am noticing a note of cherry in many newly launched perfumes.

Although choosing your own perfume is the most personal beauty decision which resists being influenced by trends, the current offer and new perfume launches are definitely a reflection of the culture which we live in (or we would like to live in). The nostalgia of the early 2000s that we see spans from fashion trends to the scent mark that we can leave with our arrival.

Cherry scent’s secrets of seduction

The scent and taste of cherry takes a special part in pop culture. There is hardly a fruit, I’d say, that’s been praised as much as cherry. In many cultures, the cherry is a symbol of sensuality and seduction, and it is interesting to perfumers because it offers a multitude of interpretations. At the same time, it is perceived as a very erotic fragrance that is exceptionally spirited. It can act as a nectar of imagination that invites expression, and with its sweetness arouses interest. Adding or subtracting these characteristics is easily accomplished by combining the note of cherry with other essences of perfumes. If we enrich the cherry with woody notes, we get an exotic and seductive elixir. On the other hand, if we combine the scent of cherry with fruit drops, we will discover a perfume essence that awakens the mood.

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The cherry scent is here to stay

Perfumers do not have an easy task in creating perfume trends. They must be on the lookout for those notes that will win over the masses, that haven’t been seen a hundred times already. An exceptionally difficult task for such an old branch of the cosmetics industry where it seems as if everything has already been tried.

As a fragrance’s main note, cherry or the scent of its flower is not that common, and yet it is very interesting for creation. As the era of clean and soapy scents nears its end, which many are tired of, it is not surprising that cherry has become a first choice. The scent of cherry is open to interpretation, while very much being loved. We are also craving interesting fragrances that leave a strong impression, and cherry can do just that. It is easy to wear since it is so diverse in the fragrances it offers. Perfumers can thus choose between the scent of cherry blossoms, to its fruit and even the cherry wood for more sensual perfumes.

Cherry fragrances

parfem s mirisom trešnje (4)
parfem s mirisom trešnje (4)
parfem s mirisom trešnje (4)
parfem s mirisom trešnje (4)

Regardless of the final brew, the scent of cherry evokes a feeling of joy and happiness. A symphony of scents is always welcome, so we are happy that this spring brings the era of cherry scents.