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Photo: Phil Oh

Spring capsule wardrobe: These 7 pieces are the basis of every combination

Tina Lončar

February 26, 2024

If styling clothes were a painting, essential pieces would be his canvas – a blank white paper waiting to be developed. Whatever aesthetic expression you prefer, basic pieces are the basis on which we build a style, decorate it with accessories or deprive it of details, introduce some of our finesse, add colors, layers, textures…

Building a capsule wardrobe has become more intensively discussed with the growing awareness of sustainable shopping, but it is primarily a matter of a collection of basic clothing pieces that sit on the throne of the classics and which, in their basic forms, are unencumbered by whimsical fashion dictates that change from season to season. they change the season. A well-constructed base saves us the time we will spend in front of an open wardrobe thinking about how we have nothing to wear (again) for the simple reason that they form proven good combinations with each other. Straight-cut jeans always go well with a white T-shirt or shirt, and the whole combination can be rounded off with a classic black blazer, beige raincoat or leather jacket. However, this does not mean that basic pieces have to be a uniform. Just as they dress us from head to toe, if we want to, they also leave us room to play by inviting us to experiment with “upgrading”. Given that we are talking about clothes that stand the test of time, the goal is to buy basic pieces thoughtfully, thinking about the cut that suits us best, and about the quality of materials and workmanship, so that we can wear them for many seasons. Although it is difficult to define the seasons, each season has a capsule wardrobe that is more suitable for the weather conditions. This is the canvas that makes spring.

White shirt

Beige raincoat

Straight cut jeans

Leather jacket

Cotton white T-shirt

Classic black blazer