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Beštija bistro

What’s on the menu? These are best food spots in Zagreb

Tina Kovačiček

February 27, 2024

A relaxed atmosphere, a good wine or cocktail list and, of course, good food, were our main thoughts when we started looking for the best restaurants for lunch on Saturdays in the center of Zagreb. You are in luck, here is a list of restaurants where you can eat well.

Beštija bistro

Address: Masarykova 11/1

Hidden in the courtyard of one of Zagreb’s main streets, remote and yet close to everything you want to see in the center, Beštija is an exciting modern bistro that brings interesting seasonal ideas to the plates. Their menus are imaginative, playful and unburdened, and they change according to the seasons, so you will always be greeted by something new.


@ bestija_bistro


Address: 11 Franje Račko Street

This excellent little bistro, near Martićeva street, is a family business of a married couple who run this story very successfully. They serve fish and meat dishes with an innovative twist, and they get their ingredients mostly from smaller local producers, while, for example, they prepare their own bread, sauces, and pasta. A small note in this guide is that it’s the only one open from 6 p.m., so you’ll catch a late lunch here or we can call it an early dinner better, but it’s definitely an unmissable destination.



Address: Teslana 12

Exciting, hip restaurant in the city center, especially if you’re in the mood to share food with friends, in several courses, or enjoy the bites alone. The menu is micro-seasonal, based on local ingredients that are prepared using different techniques, but mostly on an open fire. The combination of local and regional wines is designed to perfectly complement the modern approach to cuisine. They are open from 5 pm so late lunch here sounds great.


Market bistro

Address: Gundulićeva 13

This charming bistro has managed to present traditional Croatian cuisine in a modern and affordable way. All dishes are served in a modern way, and there are also good Croatian wines and vegan options on offer. If you are in the mood for local cuisine, but with a twist , this is your location.


Theatrium by Filho

Address: Teslana 7

Chef Filip Horvat decided to first deconstruct all the favorite traditional standards of Croatian cuisine in order to reconstruct them in completely unexpected and exciting ways. Each plate is a real representation of character, and the proximity of the Zagreb Youth Theater gives them dramatic inspiration. Theatrics here also seep through your plate in very elegant ways.


Mali bar

Address: Vlaška Street 63

This has been one of the most visited restaurants in Zagreb for years. The small but charming ambience in the summer months is extended on a pleasant terrace. They serve meat and fish dishes, but there is always something vegetarian and vegan on the menu. An interesting and modern approach to dishes here always pleasantly surprises.


SOI Fusion bar

Address: Ilica 50

Located in the courtyard of the best hostel in town, this popular spot is always a good choice for an Asian menu if you’re downtown. They serve it in a modern and tasty way and do not bypass the classics of Asian cuisine. The cocktail list is also fantastic.



Address: Selska 90

Although it is not in the city center, this gem is definitely recommended for lunch if you like Asian food. A beautifully decorated restaurant for relaxed gatherings is the interpretation of a Japanese pub owner. The fusion of different flavors covers quite well the wide spectrum of the gastronomic wealth of Asia.



Address: Trg bana Jelačića 9

Located on the main square, in the beautiful space of the recognizable Gradska kavana, SOL headed by Mata Janković offers a different approach to Croatian cuisine. Tapas in the Croatian way is inspired by traditional Croatian flavors and ingredients, and in combination with a wine list made up exclusively of Croatian wines, it forms an exciting rounded story.



Address: Petrinjska 42

This restaurant paved the way for street food in Zagreb and has been firmly on the scene ever since. Good portions at acceptable prices and delicious food served through popular classics “with soul” always accompany the seasonal food offer. Sitting at high tables was never abandoned, which is exactly what gives the charm of the street food pioneer on the edge of the center.


Ribice i tri točkice

Address: Teslana 17

An unmissable fishing destination when you are in the city center. Fish classics prepared from fresh fish are always a good choice for lunch, and pairing with a good list of wines by the glass is a recipe for a delicious Mediterranean lunch.