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Why you need to know about liposomal supplements

Better absorption, stronger effect or just a trend? We find out if you should give way to liposomal supplements.

by Kristina Mikulić

February 29, 2024

Recently, while shopping for weekly groceries in my favorite health and organic food store, I noticed a large selection of supplements that were marked on their packaging – liposomal supplements.

When it comes to skin care, I understand what it is all about, but until then I had never encountered liposomal supplements. Is it a new trend or is this form of supplement really better, I asked the clinical nutritionist mag.nutr. Nevena Pandža, who points me to absorption: “When we want to take advantage of all the benefits of nutrients from food and supplements, adequate absorption in our body is key.”

The body uses the liposomal supplement better

In addition to the ability to absorb supplements, bioavailability is also very important: “Good bioavailability is extremely important in food supplements, which refers to the amount in which the nutrient is absorbed, stored and used in the human body.” – emphasizes Nevena and adds – “With the advancement of pharmaceutical technology and the creation of liposomal forms of supplements, the bioavailability of nutrients from dietary supplements has increased. Liposomes, like a shell or cocoon, envelop an active nutrient or a combination of vitamins and minerals. In this form, they travel unhindered to the small intestine, where the absorption of vitamins and minerals takes place and the transfer of nutrients into the bloodstream.”

The liposomal coating preserves the freshness of the supplements

But liposomal supplements have another ace up their sleeve: “In addition to better bioavailability, liposomes offer protection from various factors that can damage nutrients and reduce absorption in the body such as pH, light, digestive enzymes and cellular interactions.” Liposomal supplements are therefore better in terms of their effectiveness, because the body can absorb them more easily, or in other words, we will get a better utilization of the supplement itself, which does not make them just some passing trend.