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Photo: Phil Oh
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Have red socks dethroned the beloved red pantyhose?

Tina Lončar

February 27, 2024

Last year was marked by bright, passionate red. Red pantyhose, which until then we only perceived as part of cheerful holiday outfits, came off the runways of fashion houses such as Chanel and Miu Miu, unwaveringly conquering the streets.

The dominance of red nylons, especially in bright shades, was obvious. It occupied the runways, the streets and even the covers, and The Attico, Acne Studios and Ferragamo paid tribute to this striking piece in fashion stories for the spring ahead. Although colored pantyhose are not new in the cyclical movement of fashion trends, and were especially loved in the era of the sixties, but also at the beginning of the new millennium, last year they arrived on the wave of some unexpected enthusiasm and shone in the form of a piece that we had not dared to wear before. Were they inspired by sudden optimism, the symbolism of happiness and passion carried by red, or did the trend ride along with other Y2K trends? The answer probably lies in all of the above.

Tibi spring 2024
Tibi, Spring 2024
Tibi, Spring 2024
Comme des Garçons, Spring 2024

At the beginning of February, the Lyst platform announced that in the last six months the search for red pantyhose has increased by 100 % and that it continues to grow continuously, but it also stated in its announcement that the search for red socks has increased by as much as – 233 %. Evolving since last season, the red pantyhose trend has found its more subtle counterpart. Red socks walked the Tibi runway in the spring/summer 2024 collection. in the form of accessories that elevate simple monochromatic looks, and they also found their place on the runway of Comme des Garçons. Although the two mentioned fashion labels are completely different aesthetically, red socks are what they have in common, and judging by the street style editions from fashion metropolises, it seems that their greatest forte is their versatility. Unlike red pantyhose that dominate every combination, red socks are a subtle but powerful detail, quite enough to accent any outfit as Jane Birkin once did with her red leggings.

Photo: Phil Oh
Photo: Phil Oh
Photo: Phil Oh

The stylistic possibilities are almost unlimited. Socks in a bright red shade look interesting as a part of a slightly masculine styling devoid of color, in combination with moccasins because they give the overall impression a touch of playfulness. However, it will look equally interesting in maximalist editions in which it will “merge” with other colors or as part of elegant styling paired with sandals that will give an unexpected twist. Although we are used to it being a piece that we rarely pay attention to, this spring socks are not just socks. This spring they are a fashion accessory.

Find the perfect pair of red socks to walk in this spring below: