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Gucci, Spring 2024, Photo: GoRunway
In the Spotlight

Gucci has the "it" color this spring

Tesa Jurjaševič

February 25, 2024

“Gucci Rosso”, as this stunning shade of burgundy red is called, is not only the “fashion of the moment”, but an interweaving of the rich history of the Gucci brand and contemporary creative inspiration.

Under the visionary direction of Gucci’s new creative maestro, Sabato de Sarno, this opulent shade of burgundy stands out as the epitome of sophistication, seamlessly intertwining the legendary brand’s rich heritage with a fresh and modern look.

Presented in Milan, Gucci’s Sarna-led collection puts Gucci Rosso firmly in the spotlight. Its noble and rich hue is really nothing new for the fashion house, as it flirts in many ways with Gucci’s archive pieces and its rich and colorful (dark red to be exact) fashion heritage. With the new collection, Sabato de Sarno is leaning on that, but at the same time writing a new chapter in which Gucci Rosso is intertwined with patent leather and a lot of bare skin.

Gucci, Spring 2024
Gucci, Spring 2024

A daring fashion statement and a revolutionary combination of classic elegance and modern courage, Gucci Rosso presents itself as an indispensable trend for the upcoming season, confirming its dominance as the “it” color of the coming spring.

But trendsetter Gucci was actually not the only one who succumbed to the charms of this enchanting color. Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès and Valentino are some of the fashion giants who have also adopted shades of burgundy red in their spring/summer collections, highlighting the universal appeal and versatility of this color that fits seamlessly into different styles and occasions.

Hermès, Spring 2024
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent, Spring 2024
Valentino, Spring 2024

From elegant dresses to prominent fashion accessories, the burgundy color with its touch of prestige and uniqueness surpasses the fashion trends of the color scale and sets new standards of elegance and style in the coming season.