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Ready, Set, Glam: Getting Ready for the Vogue Adria Launch Event w. Don Julio

An evening with Isabella Rakonić

Vogue Adria

March 18, 2024

Getting ready for a date is often a good part of the fun, and for the Vogue Adria launch party is a special kind od fun in itself. Getting ready for Isabella Rakonić’s journey towards the goal of the Vogue Adria launch party was followed with great attention because we knew that an exciting moment before the event awaited us that marked the social season of the region.

Isabella Rakonić is a lawyer and fashion influencer, with refined style, whom we followed during her preparations for the Vogue Adria launch event. She welcomed us in a luxurious hotel room, in a good mood with a warm smile on her face and a Don Julio glass in her hands. We followed her through all stages of her preparations and she shared with us her excitement and nervousness about the event in the evening – what outfit and make-up would she wear, and how would she style her hair? Of course, the eternal question that hung over all of us is – what will others wear, what will all their fashion combinations look like?

Getting into the Mood

For a good mood and a good start to the evening, Isabela shared with us her secret recipe; a glass of Don Julio tequila perfectly add festive feeling to a preparation any preparation before the event. Don Julio 1942 tequila has a rich taste and aroma, with notes of vanilla, caramel and coffee with a dark chocolate after taste. An icon for stylish celebrations, Don Julio 1942 tequila is perfect for sipping and neat serves. Of course, if the drink is enjoyed responsibly. Isabella first tasted this drink at a party at the Tribeca Film Festival and since then it has been her drink of choice for going out, even getting ready for big events like the Vogue Adria launch event. With a good mood, good atmosphere, taste, and aroma, Isabella left her hotel room and stepped onto one of the most exciting red carpets of the season.