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Bottega Veneta, Spring 2024, Photo: GoRunway

Add to cart: What are Vogue Adria editors keeping in their virtual carts?

Vogue Adria

February 26, 2024

Virtual shopping carts are a world unto themselves, little “boxes” where we store the results of our many hours of analysis and wanderings through endless webshops, a reminder of what we will soon need, but also places where the products of our desires and daydreams reside that might never materialize.

“Add to cart” is a symbolic act with which we announce to ourselves what caused our heart to tremble at that moment, but also permission to change our mind. And Vogue editors, like most of those who shop online, keep countless things in their virtual baskets. Some are practical, and some are more inclined to daydream, some tend to buy impulsively, and some are analytical and rational, but what binds them is that they are authentic in their choices, and that these choices are a reflection of their style, and values. We walked the virtual corridors and peeked into the baskets of Vogue editors to find out what they were keeping “on hold”.

Nives Bokor (Digital Director)

I’ve always been a fan of minimalism. The only “maxi” moment I like is the oversized cut, whether it’s the top or the bottom. That’s why this Mom’s Pants suit caught my eye – I see it as a timeless piece in the wardrobe that I would combine together or separately for formal, but also casual, moments. Beside it, the Frankie Shop jacket has been in my shopping cart for a while. The only thing stopping me from buying it is having three similar ones in my closet.


Kristina Mikulić (Beauty Editor)

I’ve been on the lookout for interesting everyday boots for a bit of an edgy look, and these from Zadig&Voltaire have everything I want. The details make the design interesting, but also wearable for every day. Also, I faithfully keep an eye on the offer of the brand
Klisab because it is one of my favorite fashion brands. They nicely combine the classic style with a touch of surprise, or as the French would say chic&shock .


Tena Razumović Žmara (Culture Editor)

I keep all three shirts in this section (two white and one black) in my virtual shopping cart because I decided to invest in a good shirt. After a lot of research, I found that Asket has the best ratio of sustainability, quality, price, appearance… In fact, everything that is important to me, and I prefer shirts made of solid, heavier, “cardboardy” cotton.

Tina Kovačiček (Lifestyle Editor)

Summer is coming and that’s when I always need a good white and black T-shirt, and I also plan to buy the whole color palette. Uniqlo offers the best quality for a very reasonable price, and these shirts are indestructible. When the Japanese work, they work thoughtfully and smartly, so they owe their durability and quality to the awareness about conscious cultivation and processing of high-quality cotton.

Tina Lončar (Fashion Features Editor)

Ever since I came across the brand of Ukrainian designer Artur Kulakovsky, I’ve been fantasizing about almost all of his leather articles, especially the indescribably chic leather coats, which for me are an expression of timeless style. It is primarily about an article that will always be fantastic, regardless of the whims of trends, and the quality of production is one of the core values of the Kulakovsky brand, guaranteeing that it’s an article we can wear forever. And even pass on. Also, I’m happy that trapeze is making a big return, so I also have some great retro style jeans from the brand Frame on my wishlist.