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James Bond still

A cocktail recipe tailor-made for your after work time

Make room for the martini glass, here's how to prepare the perfect Martini cocktail

Tina Kovačiček

February 23, 2024

Not only is it one of the most famous cocktails in the world, but it is prepared in the most beautiful glass in the world.

Chances are it’s a martini glass you imagine when someone mentions a cocktail. And that’s why it’s always the right time for a good Martini. Especially after work, finally home, when you have the time to yourself to unwind.

The traditional Martini recipe lists gin and dry vermouth with the addition of olive or lemon zest. James Bond decided to be special here, so he always likes to drink it with vodka, which is why the Vodka Martini is considered another respected version of the cocktail. The main ingredient of the cocktail is vermouth, an alcoholic drink based on red or white wine that is further flavored by macerating different herbs. Most often it contains wormwood, which is why sweet wormwood, for example, gives it sweetness, and how sweet your Martini is will depend on the choice of vermouth, the Italian ones are known as sweeter.

Another important step in making a Martini is stirring or shaking. What’s the difference? In the method of releasing hydrogen peroxide, where a stirred Martini contains more antioxidants than a shaken one. James Bond knew that, and that’s why his Martini cocktail always comes stirred.

Recipe for the perfect after work Martini:

  • put the empty martini glass in the refrigerator or put ice in it to cool
  • set aside a separate glass for preparing the cocktail
  • pour 60 ml of gin or vodka and 20 ml of dry vermouth into it
  • then, add ice and stir everything together for 15 seconds with a long spoon
  • pour the cocktail into the chilled martini glass, but omit the ice
  • finally, add olives or lemon zest as desired, and if you squeeze a little juice from the olives,you made yourself a Dirty Martini

3 important rules for preparing a Martini:

  • all ingredients must always be ice-cold, including the martini glass which needs to be chilled first
  • the ice is key and it should be fresh because it will change the taste if left in the freezer
  • Martini should not be served in a glass larger than 150 ml precisely to keep it cold longer