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"Ellipsis of Tunica Retina II", Nina Zeljkovic, Non Canonical, Photo:

A beautiful and shabby Piano Nobile apartment is Belgrade's art gallery

Beautiful and shabby Piano Nobile apartment is one of the most unique art galleries in Belgrade

by Tena Razumović Žmara

March 6, 2024

In Belgrade, in many crisis 2020. opened a very special exhibition, gallery space. The gallery program began in the dilapidated Piano Nobile. Initially an off space (Manifesto Spazio Non Canonico) it soon becomes a gallery – Non Canonico.

The original concept was based on gradual architectural interventions and metamorphoses of the space, in order to work out the aesthetic dilemmas of both the artist and the founder of the gallery. Since its foundation, the goal of the Non Canonico gallery has remained the same and consistent: to promote great and innovative artists in all media.

Non Canonico is a gallery and a concept

The Non Canonico gallery’s approach to the audience is different from most, if not all, galleries. Non Canonico does not do large, grandiose exhibition openings, but has a more intimate approach to the space and visitors who must come in order to view the exhibition at the agreed time.

Sinisa Ilic _ 52 m2 II

Siniša Ilić, Non Canonical, Photo: Marko Kažić

At the agreed time, visitors are welcomed either by the artist, or by the curator of the exhibition, or by Mirko Lubarda, the art director of the Non Canonical gallery. By appointment, they lead through the exhibition which allows visitors, whether they are other artists, the general public or collectors, to experience art in all its fullness. There is no crowded exhibition, no opening chaos and art is absolutely in the foreground here.

“Too soon, too late”, Lidija Delić, Non Canonical, Photo: Marko Kažić

In addition to the approach to visitors, Non Canonical is located in an apartment with a special history and the intention is for the visitor to experience art in a space that resembles a home. “We are not subject to that typical curator’s conventional approach. Fabio Sargentini from the L’Attico gallery had a great influence on the idea and the whole concept. He had a gallery in an apartment, then in the attic and in the garage. He called the exhibitions “Mostre Informale”, i.e. informal exhibitions. With this approach, we are not subject to the canonical rules of exhibitions. The number of exhibitions on an annual level is smaller, we do four of them, which last longer and visitors can view them during the day or night, and on several occasions.”, Mirko explained the concept of the gallery and exhibition Lubarda.

“Ellipsis of Tunica Retina II”, Nina Zeljković, Non Canonical, Photo: Marko Kažić

The Non Canonical Gallery is an interesting concept and space in itself and deserves a visit regardless of the current exhibition. But following the gallery program, I can guarantee that the exhibition will be just as exciting, just like the space itself.

“Santuaire-I”, Nina Zeljković, Non Canonical, Photo: Marko Kažić