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Vogue Adria Launch After-Party: Embracing New York's Downtown Vibe with Don Julio 1942

Vogue Adria

March 12, 2024

Everyone knows that when something big is happening, the famous question What will happen next? always follows. It’s not rare that after a good time, we want it to be even more beautiful, that the perfect moment lasts at least a little longer – a few minutes or if possible an hour. That a good drink leaves an even better aftertaste, that the taste of the cake we love continues on the palate long after the last bite. Thus, every memorable event inevitably brings an after-party that will be talked about for just as long, just like this one created in collaboration with Don Julio 1942 tequila.

It’s no secret that the launch of Vogue Adria magazine and its first issue took place in a spectacular atmosphere, where famous faces enjoyed the magical performances of the choir, the symphony orchestra, and Katarina Ranković at the piano, while the courses of plant-based specialties signed by Vanja Puškar alternated, and perfectly combined with tea-infused cocktails every time. However, it is less known that in search of a formula which stops time after the event, the fun continued in the Belgrade club Troika.

In the darkened atmosphere and style of New York’s downtown bars, which Troika reminds of with its interior and general spirit, guests Karla Zelić, Senidah, Buč Cassidy, Tamara Kalinić, Dora Martinović, Marija Tarlać, Dragana Ognjenović, Nataša Vojnović, Tanja Dragović, and many others enjoyed a great atmosphere, seductive sounds coming from the mixtape of the talented DJ Senada, and inviting you to dance until the morning, and incredible cocktails whose main ingredient was Don Julio tequila.

During the evening, the guests enjoyed the unique taste of ultra-premium tequila Don Julio 1942, which is part of the most elite events around the world precisely because of its prestigious brand reputation and global popularity.

The absolute favorite of the evening was the Don Julio Paloma cocktail, which won the hearts of those present with its summer playfulness and unique blend of flavors, reminding us that good weather and sunshine are just around the corner. The evening was spent in incredible meetings, conversation, great cocktails, and dancing until the morning and confirmed that top-quality signature cocktails are the trademark of this place, why Don Julio has a prestigious and unsurpassed place on the list of luxury and many people’s favorite drinks, and that our guests know what is a good time and they are not afraid to show it.